A Statement of Purpose (SOP), also known as a letter of intent, is a document prepared for the admissions committee that discusses your career path, interests, professional accomplishments, ambitions, and motivation for pursuing a specific course. This is typically submitted as an essay, however, sometimes it is question-based also. It is the most crucial component for getting admission to foreign universities.

What is the purpose of an SOP?

SOP is the deciding factor in your application. It aids the admissions committee in determining your life goals, career objectives, aim, excellence, and vision. In short, a well-written SOP gives universities a picture of your overall personality. It’s your chance to tell the committee why you’re the best candidate for them and why they should pick you above the others as the admission committee has never seen you or they have never met you. That’s why SOP is regarded as “the” most crucial document.

Before writing any SOP, a candidate must know about some of the rules to obey while framing the SOP. These are:

  1. Your SOP language must be positive, precise, and free of grammatical errors.
  2. Emphasize characteristics that indicate your passion and objectives.
  3. Explain how your skills, hobbies, or experience will benefit the organization.
  4. Explain the purpose of taking a particular course at the institution.
  5. Validate your points with examples.

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Steps to write down the SOP

Firstly, start describing your childhood interests in a short and how that interests are still in you.

Secondly, highlight your undergraduate percentage. While highlighting the percentage, do mention which subjects you have read in the undergrad and how those subjects inspired you to take the specific master’s course.

Further, explain the project or internship if you have done any and what you have learned from that, and how that experience can help you in the master’s course.

The next step is to write about the University. This is the most important part but be cautious, do not praise them irrelevantly. Express your liking of the university in terms of Research work, Labs, Faculty, and current projects.

Your information in this section must answer the questions like why you have decided to choose this particular university, why you have chosen this course, and what you think this university will help you in the future.

Last, conclude the SOP (in 2-3 lines) by saying that you will serve really well in the respective university and will bring a lot of value to the institution and your home country.

If you’re applying to a number of universities, then make sure your SOP  more or less remains the same except the paragraph where you describe the specific university.

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Points to avoid while writing SOP

  1. Don’t brag about your accomplishments and grades. Put it in a simple manner.
  2. Don’t Use slang while writing the SOP. Be professional.
  3. Your statement of purpose should not emphasize your desire to work for a foreign company or make a large sum of money. It should be geared toward your enthusiasm for the course and the university in question.
  4. Don’t make your SOP a long story, it can make readers go bored.
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