As we have already discussed the benefits of studying in the UK institutes and colleges in one of our blogs, now we are here to discuss the frequently asked questions or some common questions that every International student has on his mind while applying for the UK universities or colleges.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Study in the UK

Q1: Is it possible to study in the United Kingdom without taking the IELTS exam?

Ans. A student can get into any institution in the UK based on their English grades in 12th grade, and some universities also accept applications based on MOI.

Q2. What are the requirements to study in the UK?

Ans. A student can have admission if they are fulfilling any of the below criteria:

1) MOI

2) More in 65 marks in English in 12th Standard


Even UK allows a gap of up to 10 years to study master’s program.

Q3 How much does it cost to study in the United Kingdom?

Ans. Undergraduate and graduate degrees typically cost between £11,000 and £15,000. They also allow you to pay about 10%of the fees before you get your visa, and the remainder can be paid once you arrive in the UK during the enrolment process. The cost of living varies from £400 to £900 a month, depending on the location and lifestyle.

Q4. What is CAS?

Ans. (CAS) is the acronym for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. According to UK immigration requirements, the university must support your student visa application. To apply for a visa to study in the United Kingdom, you’ll need a CAS number. If you wish to study in the United Kingdom, the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is a crucial document. The institution will also send a unique reference number that will match up with your CAS and it should be mention on the Tier 4 visa application form.

Q5. Can students earn while studying in the UK?

All students with Tier 4 visas are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during an ongoing session and full-time during vacations. Doctorate students can work full-time throughout the year.

Q6. What are the accommodation options available in the UK?

A student can opt for an on-campus residence facility or for off-campus accommodation. If anyone is unable to find accommodation or wish to stay alone, get a space for rent or can stay with families offering homestay facilities. Our VR counselor will also help you find accommodation that works out the best for you.

Q7. Are scholarships are available in Uk?

Ans Yes, almost every university offers scholarships to international students.

Q8.How many months old fund is required for applying for CAS?
Ans. 28 Days old fund is required to apply for CAS from any institute.

Q9. Is it hard to get a UK student visa?

Ans. Multiple factors are involved when it comes to applying for & obtaining a student visa for the UK. Our immigration team is expert in handling student cases especially as we have an Ex Entry Clearance Officer/Visa Officer from the British High Commission in our team.

Q10. Is the UK a good place to study for International Students?

Ans. Yes. It is one of the most famous studies abroad destinations for Indian students. To know more about why the UK is famous among as Study Abroad Destinationclick here.