Unlike Indian universities, which have only one intake, colleges and universities in the United Kingdom have two primary intakes. In some universities, an intake is also known as a semester.

  • Intake in the Autumn: September through October
  • Intake in the spring: January to February

A third intake, known as the Summer intake (June to August), is also available at several universities for specific courses only.

January Intake

Not many courses are offered in January Intake as compared to September Intake of UK, that’s why it is termed as Secondary Intake. The January intake of UK gives an opportunity to the students who have missed admission in the main intake. The application deadlines for January Intake will fall between June and September and will change from course to course and University to University.

September Intake

September Intake is the main intake in the UK, also called autumn intake in the UK. Most Universities in the UK offer all the courses in the September intake. The application deadlines for the September intake will fall between May to July of any academic year. Also, if seats are available and funds are ready, we can try till the first week of August.  However, the university to university and course to course, deadlines differ.

Which of the two intakes should you choose?

It can be difficult to determine which intake is ideal for you. When making a decision, think about things including the availability of your selected programme, your academic records, admission test scores, acceptance rates, job chances, and your readiness to start the programme.

While the September intake is preferred by most Indian students, the January and April intakes are equally as good for specific courses. If you don’t have your score cards ready, we recommend that you wait and apply for the next intake.

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