Pre- departure briefing

In an increasingly globalized society connected through technology we read lot about the country’s authenticity and try to build some pre-notion. Surprisingly not all the data is true or reliable. We organize pre-departure sessions for all our students and even their parents to clear any doubts or fears before you actually fly to your preferred destination. We shall ensure that you know exactly what to do, we brief you about the cultural etiquette, mannerisms, dress code, language and other such vital information. We understand that many of you will be traveling abroad for the first time and therefore we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you reach your college/university without any difficulty.

Accommodation Assistance

Looking for a place to live abroad is likely totally new to you, you’re probably wondering just what your study abroad housing options are exactly. We will find you a suitable accommodation, whether its homestay, dormitory, student flats. This is also because housing is not as easy as it sounds, as we need to ensure that the family is tried and tested, the dormitory has all the amenities that the students need and the flats are close to the university. You are in safe hands can trust to make you feel home.

Medical Insurance

We are aware that medical and illness are one of the big fears of the student travelers and are also high on pocket. We therefore provide you with medical insurance service best in country of you visit. Student Insurance plans ensuring your medical needs are met whilst while studying overseas, with suitable flexible and affordable student international health insurance plan. That generally pays new medical condition bills, injuries and illness that occur after insurance is issued.

Pick-Up Service from the Airport

The students will be met at the airport in almost all the countries we send them to. The parents need not worry about the safety of their loved ones, as once they get on that airplane, they are our responsibility.


Specific to the country or location of your travel we conduct a workshop to make you aware about how to avail basic services in foreign land, transport system and routs, network and sim card, understanding use of National Insurance Card, and registration with NHS, National Health Services of UK.